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During the localization of the pathogen in the corresponding tissues and organs, the processes of its reproduction are observed, which are accompanied by a number of inflammatory reactions, expansion of capillaries, hyperplasia and often hemorrhages. These processes lead to the development of pharyngitis, tonsillitis, conjunctivitis, diarrheal syndrome. The adenovirus is characterized by a tropism to the lymphoid tissue, which causes its penetration into the lymph nodes, causing their enlargement.

Due to the presence of specific antigens, the virus suppresses macrophage reactions, contributing to an increase in the permeability of all tissues, its release into the bloodstream and active spread throughout all organs.

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The temperature in adenovirus infection rises precisely on the basis of the above links of pathogenesis, accompanied by other symptoms of intoxication. The causative agent of the disease also has a tropism for the cells of the spleen and liver, which contributes to the formation of hepatosplenomegaly. Symptoms and signs of adenovirus infection.

The incubation period of adenovirus infection begins from the moment the virus enters the cells of the human body, where it actively multiplies and synthesizes its own DNA molecule, during which its own cells affected by the virus die. This time period lasts about 3 days, and after that the so-called prodromal period begins, which is similar to most acute viral infections. Its duration is approximately 2 weeks.


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The leading sign that distinguishes adenovirus infection from other similar diseases is the presence of a certainconsistency in the manifestation of symptoms of infection. First, the nasal cavity, tonsils and pharynx are affected, then the infection goes down to the trachea and bronchi, then the ocular system suffers and at the end lesions from the intestine are detected.


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Vision methotrexate - there is a hoarseness of the voice, a barking dry cough prevails, which, with the development of bronchitis, can gradually change to a wet one, dry wheezing is heard during auscultation of the lungs; sides of the cardiovascular system;

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Vision methotrexate - adenovirus infection is characterized by symptoms directly related to the involvement of the intestine in the pathological process, which is expressed in the occurrence of pain in the umbilical region, as well as in the right iliac region, stool disturbance in the form of relaxation;


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Vision methotrexate - also a common manifestation of this infectious disease is the development of lesions of the conjunctiva of the eye, which upon examination is revealed as hyperemia of the mucous membrane, edema of the eyelids, transparent mucous discharge from the eyes, but a deeper lesion in the form of involvement of the cornea in the process is also possible.



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Based on the development of certain complaints, the following forms of adenoviral infection are distinguished: conjunctivitis, keratoconjunctivitis, rhinopharyngitis, rhinopharyngobronchitis, rhinopharyngotonsillitis, pharyngoconjunctivitis, pneumonia, mesenteric lymphadenitis and others, depending on the prevailing symptoms.

Pharyngoconjunctivitis or pharyngoconjunctival fever is characterized by a rather long and slow course of infection with a predominance of symptoms of pronounced inflammation of the oropharynx, tonsils, bronchi, the duration of the temperature rise for up to 2 weeks in the form of undulating rises and falls, the development of pronounced conjunctivitis.